Any usage of the MyKot website (brik.mykot.be) implies a full and irrevocable acceptance of the terms set out in this disclaimer:

  1. The MyKot database is designed to connect potential tenants with (private) student accommodation lessors. Br(ik only vouches for the operational management of the website, and does not intervene/play a part in the relation which might arise between the prospective tenant and the landlord as a result of the usage of MyKot. Given its role, Br(ik vzw can not be held as a contracting party and Br(ik vzw can never be held liable for any damage, sustained by one of the aforementioned parties, resulting from their mutual agreement. Br(ik vzw sees to the creation and maintenance of the MyKot platform with great care and attention and aims to allow rooms that are fit to the needs of students. However, for the information displayed on the MyKot database, Br(ik vzw is dependent on the information it receives from the landlord. Br(ik vzw cannot guarantee the correctness of the displayed information and neither can it be held liable for displaying incorrect information when the student accommodation appears to be faulty. The correctness of the displayed information remains the landlord’s exclusive responsibility.

  2. Any lessor, posting information on brik.mykot.be, commits oneself to indemnify Br(ik vzw against any claim for liability brought by a third party based on the information displayed on MyKot.

  3. Br(ik vzw reserves the right to modify or remove, incomplete, false, misleading or illegal information at any time.