The website MyKot.be is a joint initiative of:

  • Brik - Student in Brussels (hereafter 'Brik vzw', or 'we'), a non-profit association and partnership of Dutch-speaking higher education institutions in Brussels (Erasmushogeschool Brussel, KU Leuven, LUCA - School of Arts, Odisee and Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

  • and PLE asbl on the other hand

Brik vzw has its registered office at Zavelput 20, 1000 Brussels and has the company number 0464.281.788.

The concept and management of the brook database brik.mykot.be is part of Brik's mission to facilitate the search for student housing for the students of the aforementioned educational institutions.


Use of the website

  1. The use of this website includes looking at the web pages under brik.mykot.be, logging in, filling in search criteria and sending forms. The terms and conditions of use as set out here only apply to having the Dutch version of MyKot (brik.mykot.be). For the French version of MyKot (ple.mykot.be) the user conditions stated there apply.
  2. The database brik.mykot.be is intended to bring (private) landlords of student housing establishments into contact with potential tenants. Brik vzw is solely responsible for the management of this database, and does not intervene in the relationship between the landlord and the potential tenant due to the use of brik.mykot.be. In view of its role, Brik vzw is not in any way contracting party and Brik vzw can not be held liable for any damage suffered by one of the aforementioned parties, arising from their mutual lease agreement.
  3. Brik vzw pays a lot of care to the creation and maintenance of it and strives to allow rooms that are adapted to the needs of students. However, Brik vzw is dependent on what it receives from the landlord concerned for the information displayed on brik.mykot.be. Brik does not guarantee the correctness of the information displayed and can not be held liable for any erroneously displayed information if it appears that the student residence offered is defective. This falls under the exclusive responsibility of the lessor.
  4. The lessor who places information on brik.mykot.be undertakes to indemnify Brik vzw from any claim for liability set by third parties on the basis of the information displayed on mykot.be.
  5. Brik reserves the right to change or delete incomplete, erroneous, deceptive or unlawful information at any time.
  6. The use of mykot.be is entirely at your own risk. Brik takes all reasonable measures to guarantee the safety and accessibility of the website. We can not, however, give absolute guarantees; one must regard this as an obligation of means. Users also undertake to refrain from actions that may have a harmful impact on the proper functioning of the website. Brik can not be held responsible for loss of data that was placed on the website by a user.
  7. This website may contain links to other web pages. The provisions of this disclaimer, privacy and cookie statement only relate to the content displayed on this website and to the way in which Brik vzw processes personal data. Brik vzw is not responsible for the correctness or completeness of the content of third-party websites referred to. For the other websites in the management of Brik vzw to which reference is made, the conditions of use set out there apply.
  8. If you have a question, noticed a mistake or a request for improvement, deletion or inspection of data, you can contact mykot@brik.be.


Intellectual Property

The data on brik.mykot.be are protected by copyright and database right. Any form of reproduction of data which is owned by Brik vzw is not permitted.


Privacy declaration

  1. In order to enable the proper functioning of the website and certain parts thereof, certain personal details are requested when creating an account. These consist of the data that you provide when you create an account.
  2. When registering as landlord: e-mail address, surname and first name, gender, telephone number and mother tongue + additional optional data (as indicated on the registration page).
  3. When registering as a tenant: e-mail address, surname and first name, gender + additional optional data (as indicated on the registration page).
  4. The processing of the personal data is subject to Belgian law and will take place in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 8 December 1998 for the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data.
  5. The creation of an account implies the knowledge and acceptance of this privacy clause and the consent to the processing of the personal data as set out below. The processing
  6. The personal data that a user himself provides are not passed on to third parties, with the exception of the landlords registered with Brik with a view to drawing up a lease.
  7. Brik vzw itself uses the provided personal data only for evaluating and improving the functioning of the website, informing the users about the functioning of the website and the working of Brik. After anonymizing the data, these can also be used for statistical purposes.
  8. Every user of the website has the right to view, correct or have removed the personal data provided by him / her. A request for this can be directed to mykot@brik.be, accompanied by a copy of your identity card.


Cookie policy

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